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Aer Lingus is the national airline of Ireland and has its headquarters in Dublin Airport. The carrier operates a fleet of 47 modern Airbuses and carries over 10.6 million passengers per year. The company began its flights in 2013 and serves as a domestic airline between London Heathrow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and Manchester. The airlines mission is to connect Ireland to the rest of the globe while offering competitive pricing. It also offers cargo transport services to Europe, the UK, and the U.S. and provides its services using central and convenient locations to enhance customer satisfaction. The company flies to destinations in Canada, UK, and the US through its airline partners, which include Jetblue Airways, United Airlines, and Stobart Air.

Aer Lingus offers its customers plenty of in-flight experience which means your vacation will start as soon as you board. In-flight dining with Aer Lingus is not standard flight fare in the least. Irish TV chef Clodagh McKenna prepares fresh and tasty meals using only the best of ingredients from the island and incorporates his special recipes to leave diners wondering if they aren’t in a fine dining establishment rather than a flight cabin. Meals are high quality for reasonable prices and offer passengers meals, snacks and drinks like a full Irish Breakfast, scones, gluten free snack packs, items from the treat cupboard, and all of your favorite beverages.

Cabin comfort and entertainment are also a given when flying Aer Lingus. The airline boasts comfortable leather seating, in-flight on-demand entertainment systems, and interactive gaming via their seat-back monitors. The airline even offers Boutique, its in-flight shopping experience for those who wish to purchase luxury brands at discounted prices and shopping with Aer Lingus could save you as much as 60% versus the High Street. Buy a last minute gift, purchase an item you neglected to bring, and get your hands on your favorite brands of fragrance, cosmetics, body care, and jewelry while you fly in comfort. Items are available for men, women, and even kids and can range from toys to delicious treats, watches to sunscreen, and much more.

Don’t miss out on Aer Lingus vacation deals. Book a vacation to your favorite Irish location, view the capital, and see the sights both the city and countryside have to offer, or check out the Irish Castles and spas. There are plenty of options for fantastic getaways which can have you staying at one destination, having a sample of multiple city or countryside getaways, or can have you experiencing the family vacation you’ve always dreamed of. This is a great way for travelers to save hundreds of dollars, gets you plenty of vacation inspiration, and makes booking vacations a simplified process.

Get Aer Lingus mobile for Apple and Android devices and you’ll enjoy the ability to plan your trip regardless of where you are, search for the lowest fares by day or month, view flight details and save favorite flights, complete your booking, check-in, receive travel alerts and check flight information.

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