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British Airways has been around since the pioneering days of aviation following World War 1. Their first flight occurred in August 1919, and they’ve certainly been a huge part in the development of passenger air travel over the past 90 years. Air travel no longer resembles what it was in the beginning, as each decade brought huge developments in equipment, services, and technological advances, all of which reduced the overall cost to a point where more people were able to travel more widely. British Airlines currently operates one of the most modern airlines in the world and is one of the largest passenger air carriers with over 300,000 flights per year.

British Airways’ homepage has a great search engine built in which can help you find not only flights alone but combinations of flight, hotel, and car rentals as well. These search engine’s options make finding exactly what you need without having to search for these options separately on multiple sites. The homepage also features some of the latest promotional offers, travel information, and make finding information on various products and services a simple task.

Join the Executive Club for free and you can start taking advantage of members-only discounts and offers, save your details for faster booking, and view your booked flights. You’ll also collect Avios rewards points, which you can use for tickets, upgrades, and special in-flight treats to further improve your travel experience. There are four tiers of membership, each with their own perks and advantages, and you’ll move through the tiers automatically as you surpass their goal markers.

British Airways’ travel packages are a great way to save big on the cost of your overall trip. Here you can book everything you’ll need from flight to hotel, car rental and even what you’ll do on your holiday for various events and attractions called experiences. Last minute vacation packages let you save even more but you’ll want to book quickly on these spectacular deals as the remaining tickets won’t last very long at these prices.

What are experiences exactly? Experiences are the things to do on vacation which will create memories to last a lifetime and British Airways has the top ten bestselling experiences for travelers, the top 5 attractions, and even the top 5 theaters available for booking. Whether you’re vising Paris and want to take a luxury day trip or want to check out The Phantom of the Opera in London, there are plenty of memories just waiting to be made with British Airlines convenient experiences bookings.

Another great feature of this airline is that it allows you to hold your flight price. This is extremely helpful for anyone who is trying to ensure they can make necessary vacation arrangements, aren’t sure of their vacation destination, or just wants to take a little extra time to decide. You’re able to hold your flight and its price for 72 hours for a low fee of $10 per person. You’ll even get the $10 back when you follow through and purchase the booking. This means the seats won’t sell out while you decide causing you to miss out on the opportunity or its price. The seat will be held for up to 72 hours as will the pricing advertised at the time you chose to hold the seat.

If you’re a mobile device user, British Airways mobile app can help you purchase your tickets regardless of where you are, lets you download your digital boarding pass, track your Avios points, and view information on your flight status. This app has plenty of features any traveler would love and its entirely free to download and enjoy.

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