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American Airlines, Inc. (AA) is one of the largest major U.S. based airlines. It offers domestic and international flights and boasts the largest passengers flown, highest revenue and largest fleet size, and was rated second for the most number of destinations by a major airline. American Airlines is a member of Oneworld airline alliance, which coordinates services, scheduling, and fares with other airlines across the globe. The combined effort gets passengers where they need to go with as few issues booking as possible.

American Airlines homepage has a handy and easy-to-use search tool to make finding a flight simple. Enter the required details, click the search button, and you’re off to the search results. The same search box allows you to check on flights you currently have booked for flight status and even allows you to check in. Create an AAdvantage account to start traveling with American Airlines and start saving up your rewards miles.

Fly on American Airlines, American Eagle®, any Oneworld® airline or our partner airlines, or engage with over 1,000 additional partners to see how fast your miles can grow. Featured partners include a huge variety of places to eat and shop, giving you plenty of opportunities to rack up the rewards miles. You can even opt to purchase additional points for yourself or to give as gifts, share miles with someone else, and participate in bonus mile offers to accumulate points quickly. You can even multiply your miles on every flight and get that rewards trip faster than you thought possible.

Download the American Airlines app for mobile and you can connect to American Airlines anytime and anywhere. You’ll receive flight notifications, choose how you wish to be notified, text American Airlines for certain types of flight info, and set specific notifications. The app is also your digital boarding pass and you’ll never have to worry about misplacing a ticket or finding a place to print a copy. Change and view reservations, check flight status, and access your AAdvantage account to check your balance all within the app. The app also features an interactive voice response system which allows you to call American Airlines, provide a few pieces of information, and be transferred to an agent. This can help you find flight information quickly, find a connecting flight, receive assistance with your reservation, and find out your AAdvantage balance. As the app uses your cellphone number to link to your account, you won’t have to worry about entering in a pile of information just to find out some information.

Check out the Last Minute Packages with American Airlines and you’ll be on your way to an amazing vacation getaway for less. These packages are offering last minute deals provided you book before a specific date and are usually quite limited in quantity. As regular travelers often know, booking a last minute trip using such a service can save you hundreds each and every trip. This is often a great way to find your next favorite vacation destination and will leave you wanting to go back again and again.

American Airlines has various categories should you wish to browse for your next vacation spot and even has a section where you can browse by vacation theme. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway weekend, a kid-friendly trip your family will talk about for years to come, or want to take advantage of adult-only travel destinations, the theme package deals are a great way to get you exactly the vacation you’re looking for, for less.

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