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Build-A-Bear Workshop was created when Maxine Clark and her 10-year-old friend Katie were out shopping for a stuffed toy and weren’t able to find one Katie wanted. They decided it would be rather simple to create the bear, and the idea for Build-A-Bear Workshop was born. What started as a simple craft project to create a personalized stuffed animal turned into over 400 stores and 125 million stuffies and counting.

A Build-A-Bear Workshop experience is one you’ll look back at with fondness for years to come. Create your own fun as you move from workstation to workstation at your local retail location by gathering all of the fun materials you’ll need to make your own creation. There are over 30 furry friends to make and personalization with colors, clothing options, and accessories means your bear will be as unique as the person creating it. This is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon with your favorite little one but is also a great gift idea for personalized stuffed animals for many occasions. Graduation, baby shower, the birth of a new child, a special birthday gift, or even a graduation gift can be created as very personalized ways to celebrate any occasion.

If you don’t have a Build-A-Bear retail location nearby, their online shop will allow you to enjoy the experience wherever you are. The shopping site lets you choose the base stuffed animal you wish to make, select via color, price range, or bear type. Then it’s time to choose your stuffed animal’s clothing options. Here you can select from dresses, clothing separates, or outfits to best suit your preferences. Accessories are next on the list and here is where some major customization comes into play. You may opt to include a sound option like theme music, various sayings and spoken phrases, different sounds or scent options, in addition to accessories like items in your stuffed animal’s hand, shoes, hats, purses, glasses, and much more.

If you’d rather purchase a pre-made standard gift bear, Build-A-Bear Workshop has a nice selection of all the latest gift stuffed animals. This section is filled with popular items from kids’ favorite movies and television programs which already have accompanying sound, scent, or accessory items added. Some items in this section will allow for further customization such as embroidered details on clothing but many are good to go just as they are. You’ll also find gift tags, gift wrapping items like floral bouquets, or entire gift sets for babies in the Gift selection list of items.

Build-A-Bear Workshop prices are very reasonable for such a highly customized and personally tailored item and the company goes a step further for added value by offering customers free shipping. Orders over $40 will receive free FedEx – SmartPost shipping to U.S. addresses with the use of an automatically applied code, 40FREESHIP, which will appear in your shopping cart. Other shipping rules may apply so it’s a good idea to check Build-A-Bear Workshop’s shipping policy for details to learn more about which items qualify for the free shipping bonus.

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