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Chadwicks of Boston was founded in 1983 as a subsidiary of Brylane, Inc. When it first started, Chadwicks quickly grew to be one of the largest catalog retailers catering mostly to women in the United States. Clothing and accessories were marketed to men and children as well, but there was a strong gravitation towards the female consumer. Chadwicks of Boston sells clothes under different labels such as JG Hook and Blassport.

Their quick start was thanks in part to their offering of name brand clothing at up to 50 percent off of regular retail price. Originally the concept was planned to be a one-year experiment, but sales that eclipsed $3 million in just one year proved that the retailer was here to stay. By the end of the 1980s, Chadwicks of Boston had seen sales reach nearly $50 million over a course of 12 months.

That growth was nothing compared to what came with the 1990s, where catalogs ordered reached well over an astounding 65 million. The success continued to grow rapidly – with sales of nearly $300 million in 1993. Every year until 1996, Chadwicks of Boston kept seeing the sales figure rise from the year before. It was then that Brylane purchased Chadwicks to make it their own brand.

The business model no longer has a focus in catalogs with the inception and popularity of the Internet. Instead, they offer many of their great deals online and are open year round for orders. By offering great prices on trendsetting items to a wide number of consumers, including plus sized women; Chadwicks’ sales continue to climb to this day.

Chadwicks of Boston Credit Card

Chadwicks of Boston also has a rewards program through their official Chadwicks Credit Card. Every time you use your card at Chadwicks, you are eligible to receive 5 points for every dollar spent. For each 1,000 points that you accumulate you will receive a $10 Chadwicks gift certificate.

Cardholders get to enjoy many more opportunities to earn bonus points throughout the year, and get to skip the lines when calling Chadwicks customer service.

Chadwicks of Boston Coupon Stacking

Through Chadwicks official website, there is no mention of protocol when it comes to coupon stacking. Although, you are able to use more than one promotional code at a time, not all may be compatible. For example, free shipping can be combined with a percentage off coupon, but two coupons that give a percentage discount cannot be combined.

Gift Cards

Gift cards and eGift cards can be purchased online through Chadwicks of Boston. Ordering online is painless, however, you are not able to use any coupons or promotional cards to purchase these gift cards. You can use a promotional code while paying for your items with a gift card, though.

Competitor Pricing

Chadwicks of Boston will not match any competitor pricing for the same item through their online shop. However, the policy may be in place at a number of select retail storefronts. You must contact the customer service department in store to get a definitive answer. For more general inquires you can contact Chadwicks of Boston over the phone at 1-877-330-3393.

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