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Etsy Coupons & Savings

Etsy is a global community of craftspeople and entrepreneurs where people sell items they produce to fit a particular niche that may otherwise remain unserved. People shopping on Etsy often visit this site specifically to find interesting, unique products they can’t find anywhere else. Etsy has over 1.8 million active sellers and provides service for upwards of 19.8 million shoppers. The result…over $1.9 billion in sales in 2014 alone. Etsy is not only a great place to find unique items, it is also a way to support the little guy who is running a small business. With all of that being said, one would think that coupons or additional savings would not really apply to this type of website. One would be wrong.

Individual entrepreneurs or craftspeople selling their items on Etsy will offer specials on their merchandize. This could be for clearance purposes, may involve free shipping, or could include a bonus item or discount off specific products or your entire order.

Etsy’s mobile app will allow you to keep an eye on your favorite sellers for their latest sales and will keep you up to date with new items. If you see something you like you can purchase it directly in the app and don’t have to use your laptop or log in anywhere else.

Coupons, promo codes, or other savings deals are available on a wide variety of coupon sites such as Groupon, Goodsearch, RetailMeNot, or DealsPlus. These sites gather all the coupons or codes they find on the internet for the location into one place and prevent you from having to do multiple searches for the store of your choice.

Etsy’s website also provides various coupons to its retailers to share and they will change on a regular basis. Codes for anything from shipping to additional percentages off of your order are often offered so check your favorite shops frequently for these codes and promotions. Retailers will generally put these on their own sales page so it’s best to look there or in the Etsy forum.

Etsy’s forum has a section where Etsy retailers post the latest coupon codes or promotions which were created by the individual retailer. To see the latest of these deals, head to the last page and work backwards throughout the postings. Codes are generally time limited and will stop working based on the dates the retailer has selected for their promotion. The best deals and most codes are usually seen around all major holidays so this can be your ideal time to shop.

At Etsy, you are not limited to specific item types like you are with most retailers. Individual stores or shops generally sell only in their own niche which is what makes Etsy so fantastic. Here you can find everything from handmade soap to clothing, pieces of art, accessories, jewelry, home décor items, or pretty much anything you could possibly think of. Supporting small business could not be presented in an easier way and customers walk away with unique, interesting, limited quantity items at great prices, often with additional savings.

Etsy Coupons

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