Grainger Coupons and Savings

Grainger, Inc. is a Fortune 500 industrial supply company founded in 1927 in Chicago which offers online orders, catalogues in print and digital format in addition to order pickup at their locations. Grainger’s usually sells its products on a business-to-business model rather than as a retail sales establishment and plumbing and safety supplies, tools, lighting, motors, and material handling as part of their product lineup.

You can order a free print catalog or view the catalog in digital format right online. Catalogs are created for each type of product and are available for Safety and various types of business and you can view beyond the book online content extras to make shopping and tracking simple such as printable indexes by the product’s name or manufacturer/brand and find its page in the corresponding catalog.

Shop the Hot Buys section for feature deals and steep discounts on many product categories for anything from office supplies to drills. Not all products are available at all locations so it’s important to select your location before you begin. You can even narrow your search to previously purchased products so you can find the best deals on the items you use on a regular basis.

Check out the clearance page for items reduced for quick sale. Here you will find significant savings on a large selection of merchandise but must include your shipping location to ensure the product is available for shipping to your address or for pickup. Stop by the Rebate Center for information and links to fabulous savings offered directly by product manufacturers. You can get substantial money-back savings through rebates from some of your favorite product brand manufacturers.

Download the mobile app for Apple or Android and add convenience to your supply shopping. The app means you can shop regardless of where you are, chat with an expert, use Keepstock Solutions, get access to Grainger app location-based lists, check out workflow approvals, scan barcodes, and much more. The chat with an expert function is particularly helpful as you are able to snap a picture, upload it to the app and show it to the expert for product recommendations by text message.

Sign up for email alerts  and receive a copy of the eNewsletter straight to your inbox in addition to promotional and sales offers, Hot Buys, and Sales and Clearance Events. You can also choose which types of information to receive, can participate in product reviews and surveys in order to help Grainger provide you, and all their customers with better service and have your voice heard.

Check out the Today’s Features page for information regarding the clearance center, featured manufacturers, name brand products, manufacturer information, email preferences, the latest products, free webinars, and much more.

Grainger Coupons

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