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Although Hibbett Sports doesn’t offer its customers savings through online coupons or promo codes, there are still a few ways to save. Best of which is probably the Hibbett Sports MVP loyalty program. MVP members get the inside scoop on the hottest deals and offers.

The MVP program operates on a  point rewards system where users collect points on every dollar spent at Hibbett Sports – both online and in store. The points add up quickly, and when you reach 350 points you will receive a $10 reward certificate to be used at your local store. To increase the amount of points you earn make sure to keep up with the Hibbett Sports Facebook and Twitter pages, where the retailer posts promotions like double points, and sometimes even opportunities for free points. The program is free to join, and every new subscriber gets to enjoy 20% off on their next order. For more information, as well as to register for the MVP program follow this link. If you would like to sign up through your smartphone, simply text MVP to 57758 and begin saving now!

The second way to save some big bucks over at Hibbett is by shopping the Special Offers section. This section parades a large selection of affiliate brands like Nike and Adidas at great discounts. There are hundreds of deeply discounted items, most of which go up to 50% off. If you’re looking for some quality sportswear at great prices make sure to make a quick stop here.

Finally, to give you even more ways to save Hibbett Sports offers a weekly newsletter to its most loyal customers. By subscribing you will guarantee yourself to be the first in line for the latest Hibbett Sports promotions. Additionally, MVP members get the chance to earn bonus points simply for browsing these email campaigns. If this sounds like something you may be interested in visit this link.

Hibbett Sports Coupons

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