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The Home Depot, or simply Home Depot (NYSE: HD), is an American powerhouse retailer of home improvement products and services. Home Depot is spread out over the United States, Canada, and even Mexico; with over 2248 locations currently open. The Home Depot operates out of their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill and Pat Harrah came together to start Home Depot in 1978. Their original proposition was to build the largest home-improvement superstore in the country, and they have succeeded at doing just that. The founders started the company with important values in mind. Marcus and Blank value respect among all people, customer service, and giving back to the society, and by launching the first two stores in 1979 they showcased those values through their operations.

Marcus and Blank retired in 2000, at which time Robert Nardelli took the position of chairman, president and CEO. Nardelli is much more number oriented than Marcus or Blank, which showed in his attempt to make the company more efficient by centralizing operations and cutting jobs. Although, his methods nearly doubled Home Depot’s revenue, his actions alienated many people, and he resigned in 2007.

The Home Depot Experience

The Home Depot provides its customers with geographically accurate websites. This article, however, will take a look at the American web store. What you first notice when visiting the website, is that it automatically figures out where you are located, providing you with a list of nearby stores. This is particularly useful for anyone not wanting to take advantage of The Home Depot online store.

One of the features unique to The Home Depot is their category of DIY Projects and Ideas. This page features many categories to inspire the inner carpenter of designer in each of us. The DIY site also provides video answers to some of the questions that you may have regarding anything to do with home-improvement. Besides free information and access to inspirational projects, The Home Depot also offers Free Fall Workshop. To find and attend a workshop, visit the workshop section, select a participating store near you and register at absolutely no cost.

Free Shipping at Home Depot

The Home Depot offers free shipping to either your local store, or directly to your doorstep. The only limitation to home delivery is the minimum purchase price of $45. If ordering for in-store pick up, as much as 40,000 items are available to be picked up at your local store within just 2 hours of your order.

Returns are also painless and quick. Home Depot offers free returns on any purchase made within the last 90 calendar days. For your convenience Home Depot offers in-store returns for online purchases. What this means is that you can bring in any item that you’ve received via the postal service to your local store and receive a full refund. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of leaving you home to make a return, you will simply need fill out a return form, repackage the item, stick the prepaid label on it and drop it off at any UPS location in the US.

Credit Central

Like many other retail giants, Home Depot offers their own lines of credit – 4 specifically. Whether you need help funding your project, or you’re buying a large amount of supplies for your business, Home Depot has you covered. The basic in-house credit card is known as the Consumer Credit Card, allow cardholders to enjoy no interest fees on any purchase of $299 or more for 6 months. This is just one of the many great benefits Home Depot cardholders get to enjoy.

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