KFC Coupons & Savings

Since KFC is not an online marketplace, so there are little to no promotional codes available on the website. There are however many ways of saving when you walk in for your quick lunch.

First, a good start is this part of the KFC website. Here you can register for the Colonel’s club. This exclusive membership is absolutely free, and the rewards are more than worth it. Simply fill out the form to receive occasional emails for KFC. The emails that KFC sends out are not intrusive, and include many benefits. For example – you may occasionally receive special promotions available locally.

Additionally, you will often get free print at home coupons that you can use at your neighbourhood KFC. Subscribers will also be amongst the first to hear about the latest in chicken breakthroughs over at KFC and get the newest menu items sent directly to their inbox.

Like many other fast food restaurants, deals and savings vary by location, so it’s important to keep an eye out for local flyers. Visit this page to get access to your local store. This page is perfect for those hungry for sales. Here you will be granted access to the best deals available at your local KFC.

Another good way to save while eating KFC is by shopping the 5 dollar fill-ups section of the menu. This selection includes hot items like the world famous popcorn nuggets, 3 piece tenders and the delicious pot pie. These are just some of the meals you can order for $5. To see the whole selection checkout the fill-ups section.  You can try one of these today at your local store.

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