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There are a number of ways to save at Kroger, starting with the classic digital coupons. The Kroger website offers a large coupon selection, currently totalling up to $400 in savings. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of coupons available there is something to save on for everyone. The way these coupons are used is by having the savings loaded on your Kroger loyalty card. If you do not have a Kroger card you will need to register first in order to take advantage of these offers. Once you’re all set up you can go ahead and load as many coupons as you’d like directly on your card – no printing required. It is important to note that the Kroger coupon policy allows a maximum of 5 coupons to be applied per transaction.

If the large coupon selection doesn’t satisfy your hunger for savings be sure to check out the promotions page. This page features between 3 and 5 hot deals each week. These promotions range from “2 for 1”type deals to fairly good discount coupons. Currently you can enjoy $25-off on a Kreuger 2.0 or you can choose to download the digital coupon for a free yogurt – or both! Since everyone loves free things it’s worth noting that Kroger runs a promotion called Free Friday where they provide its loyal customers with a coupon for a free item – similar to this one.

Additionally, Kroger allows its customers the opportunity of earning fuel points simply by shopping. For every dollar spent using the loyalty card customers will be rewarded 1 fuel point, and up 2x fuel points on any gift card purchase. When you feel like you have enough points you can redeem them at any Kroger fuel center. Depending on the amount of points you want to spend you can enjoy 10¢, 20¢, 30¢…up to $1 off per gallon.

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