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Office Depot: Company Overview and Shopping Guide

Founded in 1986, Office Depot was established by Patrick Sher, Stephen Dougherty, and Jack Koplin. Through their work with Home-owners Warehouse from 1983 to 1986, they saw the potential behind office supplies being sold at bulk rates in a warehouse setting and set off to create just that with the Office Depot concept. The first Office Depot store opened its doors in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.

The expansion of Office Depot was rapid, with public stock first being offered only two years later in 1988. Rather than expanding naturally across the United States, Office Depot skipped many of the growing pain issues by merging with Office Club in 1991. This brought the chain to the west coast, which set the stage for further expansion a year later when Office Depot purchased The Great Canadian Office Supplies Warehouse.

It took only nine years for Office Depot to place down its roots internationally. The first store to be opened outside of North America was in Poland, however the chain would move forward from 1994 to 1997 with 45 international stores in nations such as Hungary, France, Thailand, Colombia, and Israel. From here, Office Depot continued to expand as a result of natural development and continued company acquisitions.

In recent news, Office Depot merged with OfficeMax in a process that began in 2013. OfficeMax began in a similar fashion to Office Depot in 1988 and grew at a similar pace, although it ran into some issues with Kmart’s majority share of the company stock. In 2003, OfficeMax was purchased by Boise Cascade Office Products Corporation for $1.3 billion. It was deemed ten years later that the best decision was to merge the two rivals in order to combat and adapt to a changing market that puts the office warehouse model at risk.

Saving at Office Depot

Before getting into the more technical details of how you can save money and shop smarter at your local Office Depot, there are, of course, the basics.

By navigating to the, you can direct yourself to the top right of the webpage and receive a direct link to many of the more obvious sales. Here, you can find the weekly deals, coupons, special offers, and more. Since expecting the user to come back every week isn’t a great idea, Office Depot offers an email subscription that updates you every week with new deals and exclusive offers for those who are subscribed. You can also receive these updates via text message if you so desire.

Office Depot Rewards Points

Office Depot has a rewards system in place that rewards the customer for shopping and using Office Depot services. You can register in-store, by phone, or online. The actual application and profile building is done entirely online from the comfort of your own home.

Reward points are earned at a rate of 10 points per $1.

  • Completing your online profile is not mandatory, however you’re awarded 200 points for doing so
  • The rewards program is free to join and does not cost anything for continued membership.
  • You don’t need your membership card on you when making a purchase, just the account’s phone number.
  • Rewards can be redeemed for almost everything in-store, including services.
  • You can earn 200 points per recycled cartridge up to a maximum of 10 a month, but you must have previously made a $10 “qualifying purchase” that same month in order to be eligible.
  • A “qualifying” purchase includes ink, toner, paper, and copy/ship/print products.

Please make note of the fact that your reward points expire after 3 months (a quarter) if you have less than 1000. The way this works is that Office Depot operates on a 1000 reward point system, meaning that every 1000 points you receive a $10 certificate for use in the store.

Additionally, the certificates themselves expire after 60 days and any purchases made with a certificate do not count towards additional points. However, you can use coupons with your certificates.

Office Depot runs an additional program on top of their rewards that you are eligible for if you have spent over $200 on qualifying products in a financial quarter. This program comes into effect the next financial quarter. By becoming a Choice Member, you gain an additional 5% on your reward points in five product categories that you are free to select.

  • Being a Choice Member also allows you to gain 15 points per $1 instead of only 10.

Office Depot Coupon Policy

Your mileage will vary based on the management of your local Office Depot store when it comes to using coupons. There is no official corporate policy on the use of coupons (both coupons from in-store and coupons you acquire online) and is up to the local management’s discretion.

That being said, most Office Depot stores have their own in-store coupons that can be used both in the store and online. A handful of these stores will also accept coupons from the manufacturer and an even smaller percentage will accept coupons from office retail competitors. It is also a safe bet to assume that your local store does not allow stacking coupons. The only way to know for certain is to ask the manager of your local store for specifics.

Office Depot Price Matching

This one takes a little more research on the consumer’s part, but Office Depot has a generous price matching system in place that you can use to your advantage when making purchases.

  • You have 14 days after making an in-store purchase to return with the price of another store that shows the lower amount for the same product. Office Depot will refund the difference.
  • This also applies with online purchases.
  • If you can show a lower price at the time of purchase, Office Depot will match it.
  • Office Depot maintains a free reign on their price matching policy, meaning they can change the conditions or deny the price match if they so choose.
  • Intangibles are not included in the price matching, and products must be identical. Similar models, for example, cannot be matched, as they are different from each other.

Office Depot Coupons

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