Sears Coupons & Savings

Sears Canada Inc., or simply Sears, is a Canadian retailer headquartered in beautiful Toronto, Canada. Sears operates in every province and territory throughout the nation with over 195 corporate stores, 195 dealer stores and 108 travel offices. Sears is so populated throughout Canada that 93% of all Canadians can get to a store within a 10-minute drive.

This powerhouse retailer was formed in 1952 in a merger between the Robert Simpson Company and an existing Canadian retailer – Sears, Roebuck & Company. The newly formed corporation was known at the time as Simpsons-Sears Limited. In 1978 the Hudson’s Bay Company took over the Simpsons in an acquisition, splitting the partnership with Sears. Simpson-Sears Limited was formally renamed to Sears in 1984. online shopping experience

The Sears online shopping experience is a painless one. The categories are clearly labeled and neatly sorted. The search function works better than on most online stores, and finding exactly what you came here for is a breeze. For customers that have spent sometime on the store before and ordered something Sears will present personalized categories and promotions, helping you get more of what you want at better prices.

At the very top of the website, you will notice links to other popular retailers endorsed by Sears. Some of these include: Kmart, Craftsman, Ladies’ End and Partsdirect. For the complete list of the Sears family you can visit this link.

The online store also has the option to request a digital flyer, which is identical to the one you would pick up at the store. The flyer lists special deals and this week’s promotion. If you want to have access to even more savings, you have the option to sign up for the email newsletter.

Sears Club

Sears Club is a promotional points system dedicated to Sears customers. By enrolling in the Sears Club Points Program you will be earning rewards on all of your items purchased through the company. Every dollar spend at either the retail store or the online store will earn you Sears Club points that you can use towards items that you want in the future. The current cash back rate is 2%.

If you’re curious about how you can begin collecting these points, the answer is simple – Sears Credit Card. Sears offers 3 flavors of credit to its customers: Sears Card, Sears Financial MasterCard and Sears Voyage MasterCard. For more information about the cards, visit the Sears Financial Center found here.

Deals and Discounts

Sears is clearly a big fan of promotions and sales, regardless of the time of year you visit their online catalogue you’re bound to stumble upon a number of savings. If you visit the online retailer today, you will understand exactly what I’m talking about. Currently the site is offering bed and bath items, toys, accessories, attire and many other categories at up to 50% off due to its Canada Edition Black Friday Sale.

The landing page features a big selection of today’s featured items. The items displayed here will very on a seasonal basis. Currently you can get yourself a hefty 50% off on select Halloween items. To stay current with the promotions and sales make sure to check out the site’s clearance page.

When ordering items weighing in at 65 pounds or less, Sears will ship them to your doorstep at no price on any order of $99 or more.

Sears Coupons

4% Cash Back

Up To 30% Off Appliances: EXTRA50

$5 Off $50 + Free Shipping On $59: SEARS5OFF50