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Spirit Airlines is a super low-cost airline which offers unbundled fares without a lot of hidden extras. Customers are able to customize their flight by choosing which extras they want or skipping out on anything extra entirely. This keeps flight cots affordable for customers and allows people to fly for less than they would on most airlines. The airline fleet is one of the most fuel-efficient in the industry and offers over 50 destinations and 250 flights daily to Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, and within the U.S.

Flight purchases on Spirit Airlines are rather unique. Your airfare and preferences are not dependent in any way on other passengers who happen to be flying at the same time as you and they offer a super low-cost Bare Fare. This fare is ultra-low in price, offers easy online booking and check-in services, is reliable and on-time, planes are fuel efficient and clean, and the staff is super friendly. Flights offer deluxe leather seating and passengers are able to stow one personal item right under their seat.

Optional extras include their big front seat with extra legroom, checked and carry-on baggage, assigned seats, travel insurance, snacks and beverages, and they even offer extra products and services like cars, vacation packages, cruises, and deals on hotels.

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Join the $9 Fare Club and save an average of $75 per booking, per person. Members receive exclusive discounts on vacation packages and fares, can bring up to 50% more baggage before paying extra at the airport, and enjoy the savings for each member of your travel party.

Sign up for the Free Spirit frequent flyer club and you’ll hear about members-only deals and specials and accumulate points for use as rewards for free flights or additional services. It’s free to sign up and you can start accumulating points right away. In addition, this rewards package sign up will increase the speed of your bookings and make purchasing a flight faster and more convenient. Don’t quite have enough miles for an upcoming trip? No problem with this rewards club. Spirit Airlines rewards program lets you purchase points to top up to the next reward bracket so you can cash out your rewards. You’re also able to purchase rewards points for use as a gift for a loved one!

Check out the Deals section for all the latest in savings on flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. Get to where you’re going for less with Spirit Airlines fantabulous deals and keep more spending money in your pocket for a fun-filled getaway.

Want to learn more about this revolutionary approach to air travel booking? Check out the Spirit Airlines Spirit 101. It can be a good place to start with answers to common questions people may have about how this service compares to other major airlines.This page explains how the service works, how flying with Spirit saves you money, what to expect as service standard service on a Spirit flight and what you’ll have to pay extra for. If you should have any further questions after checking out Spirit 101, their friendly and supportive customer service representatives can always be reached at 1-801-401-2222.

Spirit Airlines Coupons

$50 Off Flight-only Bookings Or The Flight Portion Of Vacation Package: 50OFF

Apply for the Spirit World MasterCard and get 2 Miles Per Dollar on all Purchases