Sprint Coupons & Savings Guide

Sprint Corporation, or more commonly referred to as simply Sprint, is a United States telecommunications giant. Besides proving wireless services, sprint is also a major global Internet carrier. The company operates out of Overland Park, Kansas, and employs a total of ~38,000 people.

Cleyson and Jacob Brown founded the telecommunication giant in 1899 in an attempt to deploy a telephone service a rural area of Kansas. Thanks to Jacob and Cleyson the Brown Telephone Company was born. Due to the vision the brothers shared, the company continued to grow throughout the decades.

As of 2014 Sprint is the 3rd largest wireless network operator in the U.S., serving over 54 million customers at the end of second quarter this year. Sprint also has a number of wireless voice, messaging, and broadband services under Assurance Wireless, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Sprint’s 2013 reported revenue was an amazing 35.49 billion dollars, a slight growth from the $35.34 billion reported in 2012.


The Sprint website will be familiar to anyone who has seen any other mobile service provider’s site. The big, classic graphics dead center to attract attention, and the easy to navigate toolbar are all in place, and conveniently accessible. Sprint.com presents the visitor with the option of signing into their service, or to just browse. If you’re just browsing, you will have an option of opting-in to receive regular email updates from Sprint.

If you’re still undecided whether or not Sprint is the right fit for you, you can contact the customer support directly from the landing page, and direct any questions you may have to them. Response times are generally quite short as Sprint holds customer service to a very high standard.

Sprint Deals.

Sprint stays competitive by offering some of the best deals out there. If you were thinking about switching to Sprint, but worried about losing out on better trade-in deals found elsewhere, you can rest easy. Sprint makes that excuse obsolete with their pledge to “meet or beat all national carriers’ trade in pricing.”

The Sprint store also offers many deals on plans and cellular phones. For example, as of now Sprint is offering 84% off the new Samsung Galaxy S5 with a 2-year agreement. If you already have a phone, but want to take advantage of Sprint’s deals, you can receive a $100 account credit when you make the jump, or get unlimited talk, text, and data for $80 monthly.

Sprint.com also runs a number of promotions for its customers. One such promotion, for example, is the option to get 6 months of Spotify premium for free, with virtually any family plan. To stay up-to-date with these deals you can always visit the Digital Lounge.

Buyback Program

Do you want to earn some extra cash for your older device? If you’ve answered yes, then you’re in luck; Sprint is currently running a competitive buyback program. Instead of throwing away your old wireless device, you can now go on the Sprint website to check if your device is eligible to enroll. If it is, then you can choose to have your device recycled by Sprint for account credit. It’s simple; you log on to your sprint.com account, get your quote, print the prepaid shipping label and send your phone off on its way. When Sprint receives the device, your account will be credited for the quoted value – in some cases up to $300. Besides getting a great deal for your old electronics, you are also helping preserve the environment by keeping these devices out of the landfills.

Sprint Coupons

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