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Straight talk is a prepaid wireless service provider that was formed after a partnership between TracFone, a prepaid wireless service provider, and Walmart, an American multinational retail corporation. Straight Talk, a new solution in no-contract cellular service was launched on October 19, 2009 exclusively at more than 3200 Walmart stores nationwide. Currently, Straight Talk is only made available via Walmart stores and online at walmart and .

Initially, Straight Talk offered low cost prepaid plans with no-contract wireless service $30 and $45 per month, but they have gone on to expand their services into various other sectors. They now offer more monthly plans, home phone service, mobile hotspots, safe driver car connection, remote alert system and the ability to purchase a phone from the wide range available without any contractual obligation.

Range of Phones Available at the Straight Talk Store:

Straight Talk offers a wide variety of phones that are suitable for everyone’s budget.

They offer free phones like the LG 900G, Samsung T528G and Samsung R375C for people looking for the cheapest deal. From there on, the range kicks off at $9.99 Nokia E71 to a full-fledged iPhone 5S 15 GB for $450. Straight Talk has smartphones from various manufacturers; this includes Apple, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Huawei and Motorola.

Straight Talk offers both, GSM and CDMA handsets as per your preference.

If you cannot zero down on a phone of your liking, you can always use your pre-owned phone. All you need to do is buy a SIM -card and you’re good to go!

Choosing the Right Plan for your Phone:

As of today, Straight Talk offers 6 plans to their users. The available ones are the $30, $45, $60, $130, $255, $495 plans.

For the ones without any heavy usage can go for the highly affordable $30 plan. This one offers 1500 nationwide minutes and 100 MB of web access.

For the net-savvy crowd, the $45 plan is the safest bet. It offers unlimited nationwide minutes and a 3 GB web access package with 3G connectivity, which the website boldly claims to be unlimited. Once the 3 GB limit is surpassed, the speed drops down to 2G.

The $60 plan is for international users. It emulates the $45 plan, except it offers unlimited international minutes.

The $130 plan is a $45 plan in a three month package. A user ends up saving $5 after signing up for this plan. Similarly, the $255 plan is a six month package and $495 is an annual package that manages to save up $15 and $45 respectively. For the ones looking to save a month’s worth of plan cost can opt for the annual package.

Before selecting your plan, you would have to select the phone of your choice.

To start off, Straight Talk takes you through the process of confirming the type of phone you have; whether it’s a GSM or a CDMA. If you are unsure, then Straight Talk will guide you through a simple compatibility test that will eventually notify you about your phone type. This is especially for the people who are keen on using their own phone. For buyers who have purchased a phone from Straight Talk won’t have to go through this process.

For GSM users, what follows is the type of compatible phone you are using. Is it an unlocked phone? Is it a T-Mobile compatible phone? Or is it an AT&T compatible phone?

This step is necessary since every phone has a highly particular SIM card it needs. After going through this procedure, you will need to purchase the right SIM card for your phone.  The SIM Card comes in three variants, Nano, Micro, and Normal; each priced at $6.99.

For CDMA users, all they have to do is check if their device works with Straight Talk’s program or not, and if it does, they have to buy an access code to activate the services.

This process is definitely cumbersome for someone trying to sign up for Straight Talk online but will be a breeze if you walk into the nearest Walmart and get assistance from one of the employees.

Straight Talk on Tablets:

Straight Talk also offers data plans to tablet owners who want to stay connected on the go. This is only compatible with 4G LTE enabled tablets.

To start off with, you need to get your hands on a $9.99 SIM card and go on to select your data plan.

As of today, Straight Talk offers 6 plans to their users. The available ones are the $15, $25, $40, $50, $75 plans.

For anyone looking for an extremely light usage, checking mails per sey, the $15 monthly plan is perfect. It gives a data limit of 1GB that should in such cases.

The $25 plan offers 2GB for 30 days whereas the $40 plan offers 4 GB for 60 days. You save up $10 if you opt for the 2-month package in this case.

The $50 and $75 plan is for the heavy users. $50 has a 5GB limit for 60 days while $75 has a 7GB limit for the same duration.

Tailoring the right plan solely depends on the amount of data you intend to consume at the end of the month.

Straight Talk’s Home Phone Service:

Straight Talk also offers home phone services for the ones who want the comfort of a typical old-school static home phone. These devices are connected to the Straight Talk network wirelessly, meaning, you don’t have to get any wiring installed for the phone.

The device is priced at $69.99 at the Straight Talk store and can be connected to any existing cord or cordless phone of your choice.

There are two packages to choose from in this case, $84.99 and $99.99.

$84.99 offers you an unlimited Nationwide calling ability with the device, whereas $99.99 offers unlimited International and Nationwide calling.

Albeit, the international plan has a limit of 400 minutes per month when it comes to calling any cellular phone in Mexico.

Straight Talk’s Mobile Hotspot

Straight Talk also offers 3G connectivity for your portable devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. The hotspot device by itself cost’s $79.99 but you can avail for a package deal which includes a monthly plan as well.

There are four monthly plans available as of now. They are $94.99, $104.99, $119.99 and $129.99.

The $94.99 plan includes a measly 1 GB data pack. Second month onwards, the subscriber needs to pay $15 for the plan. This is essential for the people who want to use bare minimum data in case of emergency. Likewise, the $104.99 offers 2 GB of data that eventually costs $25 per month.

The $119.99 and the $129.99 plans are bimonthly and offer 4GB and 5GB of data respectively.

Straight Talk’s Safe Driver Car Connection

Straight Talk’s Safe Driver Car Connection is a part of Straight Talk’s Connected Life pack of products that are specifically designed to keep families connected in any and every case. The Safe Driver Car Connection is one nifty device that any car owner needs to install.

This device once installed, which takes barely 15 minutes, allows you to track your vehicle through a smartphone app effortlessly. The device also helps in text blocking and phone restrictions resulting in distraction-free driving. You can also view the performance and the fuel consumption of the vehicle for your personal use. What more? It also offers Safety Zoning which sends alerts to your phone when the vehicle goes outside of a designated driving zone.

The Safe Driver Car Connection’s device costs $139.99. There are two plans in place; a $10 monthly plan and a $100 annual plan which allows you to save up $20.

Straight Talk’s Remote Alert System

Straight Talk’s Remote Alert System is another aspect of Straight’s Connected Life pack of products. Remote Alert Systems offers security for your home by installing a device worth $129.99. This device detects motion when activated and alerts 5 pre-assigned numbers via call and three via text message. Albeit, the motion sensor and magnetic door/window sensor costs $29.99 each. The system can also be controlled via a remote which is for an additional price of $24.99.

There are two plans in place; a $10 monthly plan and a $100 annual plan which allows you to save up $20.

Pros of Using Straight Talk

  • Straight Talk offers cheaper rates than its competitors in terms of your phone plans
  • The Tablet plans, too, make sense for an avid internet user
  • Straight Talk’s Safe Driver Car Connection and Remote Alert System are the perfect new additions to Straight Talk’s services
  • The freedom of not having any contractual obligation does not make a user feel tied up

Cons of Using Straight Talk

  • The customer service is said to be shoddy and incompetent and can be a nuisance for a customer
  • Straight Talk is vague about its data limit. While some customers get 2GB to 3GB of monthly 3G data usage, others have complaints about the speed decreasing abruptly after a bare usage of 1GB.

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