Subway Coupons & Savings

Although, Subway doesn’t offer any promotional codes or coupons (per se) there are still ways to save while eating fresh. The fast-food chain offers its customers consistent deals and many opportunities to save. For example anyone can register a Subway gift card online to enroll in the free rewards program, which will earn you points that can be redeemed for delicious menu items. There are a number of other benefits of having a registered Subway card, and all of them can be found here.

If you’ve eaten at Subway in the past, then you’re familiar with the $5 foot long menu, which offers a number of sandwiches for a delicious price. What’s new though is the Simple $6 menu. According to Subway this is “value made simple,” and it’s hard to disagree considering you receive a full meal for just $6. Choose from 6 of the most popular six-inch sandwiches, a bag of chips and a 21-ounce fountain drink – now that’s value! For more information on this promotion please visit this link.

Just like with many popular retailers and fast-food joints Subway runs an email newsletter that will keep you up to date with “everything fresh.” Subscribing is free and easy, simply follow this link and fill out all of the required fields. If you’re on the exclusive list you will be amongst the first to receive a heads up about new site features, promotions and other Subway news.

Finally, just to sweeten the deal a little more – you can enjoy a complimentary Subway cookie for completing a survey. Just visit this link, enter the store ID of your local Subway (the number is generally listed on the receipt) and answer this one minute questionnaire for a free snack next time you choose Subway.