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The gel bracelet, also known as jelly bracelets, have been around since the 1980s. These trendy bracelets are made of silicon and come in various colors. The most popular style of these bracelets is the embossed message charity bracelets. These bracelets can be worn on any arm in any combination of colors.

The popularity of the gel bracelet have come and gone since they first hit the scene back in the 80s. They did not really become popular until the message version of the bands appeared in 2004. Lance Armstrong, the American cyclist, had a yellow band with the word “Livestrong” embossed on it, to raise awareness for Cancer. These bracelets went on sale for $1.00 in the US and 1 pound in the UK. The majority of the proceeds went towards Lance Armstrong’s charity.

This one act of charity created a movement that is still around today. Many companies, charities, and non profits have these bracelets made to spread awareness for a particular cause that is to their liking. The bracelets are sold and the proceeds go to the cause they were created for.

Wristband Express is a family owned company out of Brookfield, WI, that sells a nice variety of wristbands. The company prides themselves on being the low cost leader in the identification wristband industry. They make their wristbands and sell them directly to the customer to help the customer save money on their order. Their prices are quite competitive in the marketplace. They cater to the entertainment, healthcare, and recreation industries, but work very hard at providing great customer service for all industries. As a customer, working with a small family owned business is a great benefit, because you can be assured that you will receive tip top service. This company is determined to make every customer satisfied.

Wristband Express offers four different types of wristbands for your particular wristband needs. The Tyvek wristbands are great for swimming events and hospitals. These bands, also known as paper wristbands or paper bracelets, are water proof and water resistant. They are great for temporary use and have die cuts to prevent the possibility of people attempting to reuse them. They can be customized and are very comfortable to wear. The plastic wristbands are for a more extended use. You can customize them to your preference. They are stretch resistant, water resistant and comfortable to wear. The best part about these bands is they come with a snap that can be used only one time. Once you snap them closed they are locked. These bands cannot be reused. This is a great security feature.

The Dura-Band Vinyl wristbands are durable and tough. They are made of three layers of vinyl. They have the one lock snap and can be used in the water. The company advertises that these bands are great for a variety of events. These bands are always in stock and can be shipped out in 24 hours. The Silicone wristbands come in a variety of colors and can be embossed, debossed or color imprinted. These wristbands are made to last a long time. They can be customized with your message on top in different colors.

Wristbands Express is a small company with a big heart. Family owned and operated. Easy to work with and customer oriented. Why bother with any other company than the company that believes in handing you a quality product at a very fair price?

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If you have questions or need to contact them via phone, please call them at 800-434-9124, M-F, 8:30am-5:00pm CST.

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