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Zales began in Wichita Falls, Texas, in 1924 when Morris Zale, William Zale, and Ben Lipshy decided to provide customers with fabulous jewelry for the lowest prices possible. They created a revolutionary credit plan which involved a penny down as down payment and a dollar a week thereafter. By 1941, Zales had 12 stores in Texas and Oklahoma. Although they may have started out selling cameras, appliances, and jewelry, the company has grown into the largest fine jeweler in North America. They have over 750 stores in the U.S. and Peurto Rico and this growth has been possible due to their drive for excellence.

Zales retail locations and online store carry a large selection of fine jewelry in many styles such as watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. Zales offers its customers various types of gold and precious metals, diamonds, cultured pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, and a large wedding jewelry collection. The company has options available at many price levels so they’ve got something to fit into anyone’s budget.

The homepage features many of the latest promotions and sales of various categories of jewelry and can include various percentage discounts on select items or across an entire type or collection of jewelry. Zales Collections are exclusive for the most part and even the designer brands they carry may be exclusive collections specifically created for Zales. They also have an exclusively online collection you won’t find in their retail stores anywhere.

Another great way that Zales provides diamond level customer service is through the ability for its customers to design their own jewelry. Whether you want to create a custom wedding set, special bracelet, or create personalized mother’s rings, Zales gives you the option to take the reins and create something as unique as your loved one.

Zales started out with its own unique line of credit and continues this practice through their Zales Credit Card. Cardholder benefits include 10% off repairs, no annual fee, exclusive coupons and savings, free jewelry cleaning and inspection, free ship-to-store, a lifetime diamond commitment, and 60 day guarantee. Other benefits include financing promotions such as no payments for a certain number of months, no interest if paid within a specific time frame, and the ability to use the card at Zales, Gordon’s, Zales Outlet, and Piercing Pagoda.

Zale is making every effort to bar conflict diamonds from its inventory and provide assurances to our customers that the diamonds we sell are from legitimate sources. Conflict diamonds are diamonds mined in certain African combat zones that have fueled and funded civil war and gross abuses against the civilian population. Such diamonds are estimated to currently account for less than 1% of the world diamond production. This means you can purchase your diamond jewelry from Zales with a clear conscious, knowing that the company adheres to the Clean Diamond Trade Act.

Zales also offers customers great value through its clearance sales and events. Shopping in this section can save you several hundred dollars per piece of jewelry, and in some case well over $1000. This is a great way to get the love of your life the engagement ring of their dreams, purchase a special anniversary gift, or celebrate a huge life event with the purchase of a gift to last a lifetime.

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