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Cathay Pacific was established in Shanghai in 1946. Founders Roy C. Farrell and Sydney H. de Kantzow eventually moved their business to Hong Kong, where their head office remains until this day. The company has grown to record proportions with earnings of HK$5 billion profit in 2000. In response to the drop in flights across the globe post SARS epidemic and 9/11 attack, the airline ran the “We Love Hong Kong” and “World’s Biggest Welcome” campaign and gave away 10,000 inbound tickets.

These campaigns helped to fuel the economy not only for the airline itself but also to the entire region as people took to the skies and visited Hong Kong. The airline celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2006 by signing an agreement with Dragonair, increasing their international network of flights. Cathay Pacific currently operates over 150 aircraft, flying to 130 destinations across the globe with its modernized and fuel-efficient aircraft.

Whether you’re planning your honeymoon, need to travel for business, or are looking to explore a little, Cathay Pacific’s prices make it a spectacular option for flights. Search flights from the simple search tool right on the homepage. Enter your departing and landing locations, select your dates, and click the search button. You’ll be redirected to a list of matching flights within a few day time frame to allow for maximum pricing flexibility.

Subscribe to Cathay Pacific’s newsletter to hear the latest news about special fares, vacation packages, promotions, or other travel news. Vacation packages are available for many destinations around the globe and will include air travel, transfer, and hotel accommodations, which can save you substantially in comparison to booking these items separately.

Cathay loves to share their latest special offers for super savings on flights to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, South-East Asia, and India. These flights leave from major airports across the U.S. and can save you hundreds of dollars. These specials are most often for a limited time so you’ll want to take advantage of a great deal as soon as you see one available. These discounted rates mean that seats disappear rather quickly due to the huge savings involved for Economy, Premium, and Business class flights.

Join Asia Miles reward program and you can start saving for rewards with your Cathay Pacific flights. This reward program often offers substantial bonus rewards miles to Cathay Pacific customers which can really help you reach your reward level quickly. For example, you can redeem your Asia Miles points for seat upgrades, free meals at restaurants and hotel upgrades. Most frequent travelers that travel between USA and Asia have these accounts building Asia Miles. Frequent flyers may wish to join the Marco Polo Club, which is an exclusive program for loyal members with some serious privileges. You’ll automatically be enrolled for Asia Miles upon sign up and the combination of the two programs will definitely mean an enjoyable trip from start to finish. This is considered the most powerful loyalty club in Asia and offers membership privileges for 1000 destinations in 150 countries. These perks can include lounge access, extra leg room on flights, and things like priority boarding.

Want access to flight booking or info on the go? Cathay Pacific Apple or Android mobile apps let you check in, choose your seat, get your boarding pass, view baggage allowance information, see your departure times, and get connecting flight details with just a tap or two. This app is great as it allows you to book your flight or see your travel itinerary at any time, making for a more relaxed way to plan travel.

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