Safeway Coupons & Savings

Safeway offers its loyal customers hundreds of dollars in savings each week. The store offers a great selection of digital coupons that simply need to be loaded on your loyalty card to be enjoyed – absolutely no clipping required. You are also encouraged to sign up for the weekly email from Safeway, where you will also receive chances to save at your local outlet. Safeway has a pretty detailed and easy to follow coupon policy here, which is important to understand prior to shopping.

Additionally, Safeway tailors its shopping experience directly for their most loyal customers. If you have a loyalty card you can participate in these savings. The “just for u” program works by observing the customer shopping pattern (using their loyalty card) and then providing them with tailored digital coupons. These coupons will generally include items that you buy often anyway, so make sure to check your just for u account if you’re a loyalty card holder. This way of saving only gets better with time. As you spend more money at Safeway and purchase more items, the tailored coupon experience only becomes only more specific and the savings just get better. If you are a cardholder and would like to sign-up then follow this link, if you’re a Safeway customer but don’t have a loyalty card yet then head out to your local store and request one for free.

Safeway also offers its customers an opportunity to save on fuel. By using your loyalty card in store you can collect 1 fuel point for every dollar spent on grocery items, and 2 fuel points on all gift card purchases. Once you’ve collected enough points you can redeem them at any Safeway gas station. For more information on this program and to check out the point to fuel conversion checkout this link.

Another unique way to save at Safeway is by not catching the flu. Thats right, Safeway currently offers a 10% discount to everyone who gets a flu shot using their pharmacy.

Safeway Coupons

$7 Cash Back

Free Grocery Delivery On Your First Order: EASY7

$4 Off Ensure Multipacks When You Buy 2: ENSURE

$3 Off Colgate Oral Care Items When You Buy 3: COLGATE

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