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Singapore Airlines is ranked as one of the top 15 air carriers worldwide in terms of pass kilometers and one of the top 10 for total passengers carried. In addition, the airline was indicated as second in market capitalization by International Air Transport Association for its $14 billion valuation. Singapore Airlines flies to 35 countries on 6 continents with 62 destinations. As of June 2015, the airline boasted a total of 107 aircraft and has a policy of keeping its fleet fresh and new by frequently purchasing new aircraft and retiring older models.

The company’s website is set up to allow customers to book their entire trip, including all the finer details like shows and attractions, right from its homepage. This goes above and beyond the standard package deals offered by many air passenger carriers who traditionally only allow bookings of flights, hotels, and maybe car rentals if they are partnered with a car rental company. Singapore Airlines has gone the extra mile and has made planning for not only your flight but your entire trip before you ever take off.

Their Things to Do list is picked by expert travelers that includes tours, activities, and one-of-a-kind experiences at various destinations across the world. Whether you’re heading to Rome, Thailand, or San Francisco, this list will give you plenty of inspiration for things to do on your vacation or any downtime you may have on a business trip.

This company has plenty of promotional offers for flights originating from the U.S., non-stop flight promotions, and other special fares or vacation packages to save vastly on tickets from an airport near you. Singapore Airlines prides itself on what it includes in its package offers and provides travelers with round trip airport and hotel transfers, city tours, complimentary meals based on your package, world class hotels, English-speaking guides, hotel taxes and service charges, and baggage handling as part of its package price. Packages are available in a wide range of prices to suit an individual’s taste, preferences, and budget. You can travel without having to worry about hidden or unexpected costs, finding transportation when needed, or even without the worry that no one at your destination will understand the English language.

Join KrisFlyer and you can start earning rewards miles, be the first to hear about promotional offers and the latest news, and earn as much as 325% of your actual miles flown. You can earn miles by booking a flight or hotel room, charging your purchase, renting a vehicle, or even shopping with Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, and their partners. You’ll also receive special promotional offers, which can help you earn miles more quickly and earn extra benefits just for flying with Singapore Airlines. You can also earn KrisFlyer miles when you fly on any partner airlines, which include all those in Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline network. There are several tiers of membership, so be sure to sign up for the one which best suits your traveling frequency and the reward levels you wish to pursue.

Premium Class travelers can also sign up for Singapore Airlines’ PPS Club, a recognition program for those who chose to frequently fly in premium-level classes. This club grants you access to a whole other level of personalized service and attention, extra privileges, and make your trip extra enjoyable and comfortable. The club grants access to a large selection of members-only lounges through Singapore Airlines and partnering airlines, priority baggage and seating features, extra KrisFlyer miles, guaranteed reservations, and priority airport standby, to name a few. That’s a whole lot of perks.

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